Health insurance in America

It still surprises me how there are are so many people still uninsured in America. Why would you not wan to help someone who has had everything taken away from them.

There are families that move week to week and even day to day. We need to help these people better their lives. Who cares about cost. We need to help our citizens. We are all related in some way, shape or form. US Uninsured.


Life of a Teacher a true story

Was just laying on my bed and I felt something cold on my back. I reach back and it’s a paper clip.

The life a teacher. A true story.

Internship Day 2 Complete

Today was a success. We played a Longitude and Latitude game for 5/6 periods and it was fun.

After lunch she had me run the class a bit. Get them situated, organized, called roll all day. It was amazing.

I am in a huge battle with myself as to if I want to start teaching right after I graduate and postpone my grad school? Should I teach and go to grad school? Should I just go straight for grad school and not teach?

What do I do??????

I’ve got 11 months to decide.

Internship day 2

So today is my day two of internship. My teacher isn’t here yet but all the other teachers are so welcoming saying good morning and introducing themselves.

Feeling much more confident today than I did Tuesday now that I know how she works and conducts her class.


50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Recently thousands of civil rights activists and supporters commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington where Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. Every student in America has learned about this man and his iconic speech. About the impact that it had on the spirits of African Americans and other minorities who’s civil liberties were being repressed. We celebrate this mans life every year during Martin Luther King Jr day. 

Some people are actually upset for people marching on Washington to celebrate this mans dreams and accomplishments. Why would they? He set the foundation for the push for civil liberties for all no matter of race or color or ethnicity. 

First day of Internship

So, today was my first day of my internship. I arrived around 8:40am. School starts at 9:30am. My supervising teacher told me to arrive around 9:00am. As I am waiting outside of her classroom for her to get there another teacher from down the hall comes to me and says “she is having car trouble and will be a little late”. The teacher arrived around 9:35am. I had already introduced myself and started asking the kids questions about their travels (I am in a World History class). 

The first thing that took me off guard was how tall some of these kids, mostly the girls, were in her classes. I’ve worked with 6th grade during the Spring semester and none of them were this tall. 

There was one period that when I asked “Who has traveled outside of the country?” and about 90% of them raised their hand. That really surprised me. Most traveled somewhere in Europe but some just to Mexico, Canada, or the Bahamas. 

Today was a learning day for me. I had to learn her policies and procedures throughout the day along with trying to remember all 6 class periods students names. It’s probably about 120 kids. Hopefully I will memorize them all by the time I leave in October.

I saw one of the students from my Junior Achievement class from Spring semester. She is in 7th grade now and so much taller. She said “Hi Mr. DeLaere!” and came up and hugged me. On my last day with Junior Achievement they all said “Come back and intern for our class!” I really wish I could have chosen which grade so that I could have had them in my class. 

Each class was completely different. I think this was the first time that I actually had seen that. I know teachers always talk about it but I was actually able to witness it. 

I am really excited about interning in my supervising teachers classroom for the next few weeks. 

New Moon Mission

New Moon Mission

This mission for the moon will analyze the atmosphere of the moon. They claim that the Moon does have a VERY thin atmosphere. With the soon to be big boom in commercial space colonization/exploration. Scientists are afraid of them ruining the environment. 

I find it really interesting that there has been a weird light the original lunar explorers saw 50 years ago and they still have not completely figured out what is causing it. 


Also, their new data transfer technology of using near-infrared light instead of radio waves.

First lesson for world history

Have been writing my first lesson for world history. It’s a lesson on culture and what it really entails in a persons life. I am hoping that I can make it very relatable and very interactive. Will post the end result when I finish with it hopefully Monday.