Local Teacher Union contracts


Educator – Classroom Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Cafeteria Workers, School Bus Driver, Custodian, Administrator, Media Specialist, guidance counselors.

Education Support Professionals (ESP) – Paraprofessional, Cafeteria Worker, School Bus Driver, Media Specialist, Custodian, and guidance counselors.

So, I woke up this morning and looked on Facebook to see a post from one of my former teachers about a recent promise by our Governor of a raise of $2,500 for all teachers. However, what he did take into account is that teachers are not the only EDUCATORS in schools that have not had a raise in 6 years. After seeing this startling post on Facebook, I decided to contact the local union President to get more information. This is what he responded with:

The $2500 was never $2500. I know… Whaaaat?  When the governor proposed it he was apparently unaware that there are non-classroom teachers, Media specialist, guidance, etc. When he found out and included more people + administrators + charter school teachers (people that can’t join the union) the total of $480 million was NOT increased. If you increase the number of people and not the amount of money the per person goes down – to around $2000. The district then pulled a fast one and said that this money could fund a 1 1/2% previously agreed upon raise. They confused the magistrate enough to get him to agree. The ACTUAL truth is that the 1 1/2% raise cost about $5 million and they had to have it in the budget. The $12 million from the governor would have priced out at $1900 or so. But they offered $1300. The 4809 teachers x $1300 plus the FICA, etc (often called the fringe) = $7.5. That’s not $12 million now is it?

Honestly, I am appalled at this. But at the same time I am not. I am appalled that the school board members are being rude to hard working teachers that have gone 5-6 years without a raise. What I am not appalled at is how the Governor and legislators did not think about the “non-classroom teachers” when budgeting for a $2,500 raise. My question is, Where is the rest of the $12 million going? Why is it not going to the educators?

So, I leave you with this. Don’t stand back and let others speak for you. Speak up for yourself. Never let your voice go unheard. Get involved with your local education association and become an advocate for teachers. For community leaders and parents, get involved in your children’s school. Schools need help every day. Even if it is just being a teaching assistant for a day, or attending a school board meeting. Get involved.