First day of Internship

So, today was my first day of my internship. I arrived around 8:40am. School starts at 9:30am. My supervising teacher told me to arrive around 9:00am. As I am waiting outside of her classroom for her to get there another teacher from down the hall comes to me and says “she is having car trouble and will be a little late”. The teacher arrived around 9:35am. I had already introduced myself and started asking the kids questions about their travels (I am in a World History class). 

The first thing that took me off guard was how tall some of these kids, mostly the girls, were in her classes. I’ve worked with 6th grade during the Spring semester and none of them were this tall. 

There was one period that when I asked “Who has traveled outside of the country?” and about 90% of them raised their hand. That really surprised me. Most traveled somewhere in Europe but some just to Mexico, Canada, or the Bahamas. 

Today was a learning day for me. I had to learn her policies and procedures throughout the day along with trying to remember all 6 class periods students names. It’s probably about 120 kids. Hopefully I will memorize them all by the time I leave in October.

I saw one of the students from my Junior Achievement class from Spring semester. She is in 7th grade now and so much taller. She said “Hi Mr. DeLaere!” and came up and hugged me. On my last day with Junior Achievement they all said “Come back and intern for our class!” I really wish I could have chosen which grade so that I could have had them in my class. 

Each class was completely different. I think this was the first time that I actually had seen that. I know teachers always talk about it but I was actually able to witness it. 

I am really excited about interning in my supervising teachers classroom for the next few weeks. 


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