Agricultural Revolution Project

So, today we are starting the Agricultural Revolution and they have a really simple project. The students are creating a Wordle on the different vocabulary words from the chapter.


For Example:

Vocab word: Open-field system

Associated Words: village, farming, Europe, peasants, land, plots, fences, hedges, strips, narrow, plowing, sowing, harvesting, nitrogen, soil, crops, FertileLands, rotations.


I could keep going but for times sake I’ll stop. But the students seem to be excited to do this project. You can honestly do this activity within just a day and they can draw it out and color it on printer paper in class.


Today’s Lesson

Today my students are learning about the Monarchs during the Age of Enlightenment.

What they need:
– Textbook
– Paper
– Pen or Pencil
– any notes

– I used GoogleDocs App for Mindmapping the different monarchs
– Catherine the Great
– Frederick the Great
– Maria Theresa
– Louis XV
– Others may varry
– After mindmapping the information as a class, they work in pairs to create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting two monarchs of their choices from the ones covered on the mindmap.
– Then they are to write a Thesis statement on the following prompt:

Analyze the extent to which ____ and ____ advanced and did not advance enlightenment ideals during their reign.

This week in History – January 29-February 8

January 26

1837 – Michigan admitted as 26th U.S. state

1861 – Louisiana becomes 6th state to secede

1863 – Massachusetts Governor receives permission from Secretary of War to raise a militia organization for men of African descent (54th Massachusetts Regiment)

1905 – World’s largest diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan, is found

1934 – Nazi Germany & Poland sign non-attack treaty for 10 years

1956 – 7th Winter Olympic games open in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

2006 – Western Union discontinues use of its telegram service.


January 27

1785 – University of Georgia is founded, the first public university in the United States

1888 – The National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, D.C.

1967 – the united States, United Kingdom and Soviet Union sign the Outer space Treaty in Washington, D.C., banning deployment of nuclear weapons in space, and limiting use of the Moon and other celestial bodies to peaceful purposes.


January 28


January 29

1595 – William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is presumed to have it’s first performance.

1613 – Galileo Observes Neptune but fails to recognize what he sees

1959 – Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” is released

1984 – Space Shuttle 41-B (STS-11) Challenger launched


January 30

1781 – Articles of Confederation ratified by the 13th state, Maryland

1835 – Richard Lawrence misfires at President Andrew Jackson in Washington DC in 1st attempted assassination of a US President

1862 – US Navy’s 1st ironclad warship (Monitor) launched

1933 – Adolf Hitler named German Chancellor, forms government with Von Papen

2003 – Belgium legally recognizes same-sex marriage


January 31

1865 – Gen Robert E. Lee named Commander-in-Chief of Confederate Armies

1990 – 1st McDonalds in Russia opens in Moscow, world’s biggest McDonalds


February 1

1327 – Edward III crowned King of England

1790 – US Supreme Court convenes for the first time

1793 – French Revolutionary Wars: France declares war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

1861 – Texas secedes from the U.S.

2003 – Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-107 disintegrates during reentry

2013 – The Shard, the tallest building in the European Union, is opened to the public.

Internship Thursday, September 12

So I never posted after my internship on Thursday. I was so busy with other school and work things I had no time.

Anyways, Thursday went great. I taught my full lesson on BC/AD/BCE/CE. My first time administering the lesson during first period it didn’t go as planned. I of course sped through the lesson as I talk really fast when I am nervous. After 1st period my teacher gave me some tips and I immediately put them into practice.

The part that I was missing was the building background knowledge before getting into the activities. So, starting in second period I had them reading out of their textbook. There were two pages that were really able to build the background knowledge and giving them the most important information needed to understand the concept.

My activity was simple, “place the pieces of papers with dates of historical significance in CHRONOLOGICAL order”. Luckily the majority of the students understood it. But to make sure they did, we had them create their own timelines with themselves and their date of birth.

My style of teaching is very hands on and not just reading from the textbook. I find that the easy way out. Yes I did have them read from the book, but it was just a small portion of like 3 small paragraphs between 2-3 pages.

But as the day went on I got better and better at it. My supervising teacher is supposed to evaluate me. She said I have all the basics down and that I did use common core practices. But I need to work on classroom management which she said “you won’t get that down in a day, a week, a month, not even a year”. Which I know is true. Classroom management when you have to learn the learning styles of 150 students and then differentiate between AP and Regular classes is one of the most difficult things to do as a teacher. She did say that I did very well differentiating my instruction between the AP and regular classes. She also stated that I used esol strategies for her multi-lingual students.

I am hoping to be posting some current events soon.

Thank you for following me!

First lesson for world history

Have been writing my first lesson for world history. It’s a lesson on culture and what it really entails in a persons life. I am hoping that I can make it very relatable and very interactive. Will post the end result when I finish with it hopefully Monday.

Egyptian Revolt

Egyptian Revolt

The Egyptian military declared marshal law and took over their government. They arrested their elected President and have assumed control over all aspects of government power. Now the citizens are fighting against the military wanting a new elected official to take office.