The end of week three

So it is already the end of week three of my internship. I love the class and the students. I’m learning the content as the students go through it. I was scared of not knowing the content but my teacher said that she didn’t know the content her first year teaching it and she was learning as she went.

I’ve taught one lesson, which is posted, and I will be teaching two lessons next week with activities which I will share after I complete the lesson plans. I’m excited to teach it as I have found some cool activities to do that will hopefully spark the interest in the students.

I had my first department meeting and my teacher called me out to introduce me to all the social studies teachers. Awkward much. But it was nice to be in company with good people in my own content area.

I will be teaching for two full weeks starting at the end of the month. I’m nervous for it because this content is my responsibility for them to learn for their AP exam in May.


Lesson on the beginning of the Italian Renaissance

Italian Renaissance Lesson for 9_2

Here is the lesson plan I used for my lesson. It doesn’t have a lot of content because they were to read the chapter the night before and take notes on it. It is an AP course, so they are expected to learn on their own with us reinforcing the information with different activities.


Chapter 13 PP

Here is the powerpoint I used. It has some art which we went over thoroughly in class interpreting it in our own way.

Teach For America (TFA) is being booted from one NC County

Link to Article

Many know but many do not know what the TFA practices are. Any person with a college degree no matter what the degree is can join TFA and become a teacher in a high needs classroom with only a few short weeks of training. Why is it so bad you ask?

Most teachers across the country are classified as HIGHLY QUALIFIED teachers. Meaning they went through a rigorous program at their university to gain a degree in their field of education (i.e. Elementary, Social Science, Early Childhood, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, etc.). They gained certification in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) they are also known as ELL’s (English Language Learners). The classrooms that these “teachers” are put into are the classrooms with several ELL’s and students with IEP (Individual Education Plans) and 504’s which are for students that are in need of accommodations. These classrooms are also the ones with low socio-economic students. 

If you only get 5 weeks of instruction on how to be a teacher, you won’t know how to deal with the issues that lie ahead. As professional teachers, which I am studying to be one, we spend 4 or more years in college learning our craft and our subject areas so that we have the right tools and knowledge to help each child as best as we can. 

I am so glad that this NC School Board has finally realized that these TFA teachers are not “Highly Qualified” teachers as we are requiring for our schools these days.