Substitute teaching

So I have been subbing for over a week now. My first was at Timbercreek High School in a 9th grade World History Classroom. It was fun being in that classroom as I knew the content they were studying.

Tuesday I was at Avalon Middle School in the classroom I was in for my first internship, but not the same students. These students were a bit more disrespectful. But they are 6th graders. So….

Wednesday I was at University High School subbing for an American History teacher that I met during my senior internship. It was fun, you could definitely tell between the honors and AP students. I also got to see a lot of my students from my internship. It was great being back.

On Friday, I was able to go back to my internship classroom to sub. They were so good and it was such a pleasure to see them again. I know some of them have found this blog and will probably read this. But I would do anything for those students. They were such good students

Today, Monday I am at Union Park Middle School in a 9th grade science class. And OMG they are ruthless. I had to call the dean down to talk to a student because he was cursing in class. Dropping F bombs and calling another student a B. I am not doing anything but high school from now on unless I really need money.