Change in my life

So a lot has happened since the last time that I Posted. The reason why I haven’t posted in a long time is because I was terminated from OCPS with no cause. So I have spent the past 10 months working at Disney, working at Cracker Barrel and applying for teaching jobs. 

Well, I have finally been hired in Osceola County Public Schools to teach Reading/Language Arts. My job is contingent of me getting the Middle Grades English certification. My school says I have to get it by October but the district says end of April. I did all my paperwork, drug testing and fingerprinting done Thursday and Friday. And I had to get a TB skin test done which came back negative within hours. 

In my new PLC we will have same planning for collaborative lesson planning which is going to be amazing since I will be switching from Social Studies to English/Reading. 

I am going to have to take 5 ESOL courses and 3 Readingg Courses through the district to get my endorsements. I’m also gonna get their Gifted Endorsement. 

I’m gonna go through all this while I’m going to graduate school full time. I started my Educational Leadership masters program at UCF in May and should be graduating August 5, 2017. The spring semester is gonna be the toughest because I will be taking 4 classes two of which I have to be on campus for. 

I will be posting my recent ideas and anchor charts to share with you all for my 6th Grade English Language Arts and Reading classes. 


My Weekend coming up

So, this week/weekend is so busy. First thing was an assignment that was due on Monday where I had to interview someone about space history. I had to record the interview, I had to come up with my own questions, I had to transcribe my interview. Then I had to put that all on a disk and mail it to my professors office. Well, I worked till 5:00pm then had to rush to the post office and mail out my assignment. I barely got it out. Not to mention that my Monday at work was the worst yet. Had so much to do with such little time. One thing after another kept coming up.

Tuesday, I spent doing internship stuff. I graded a lot of papers and attended a live lesson and did monthly calls with my supervising teacher.

Now it’s Wednesday, I have an assignment due tonight that I haven’t even started. I have two quizzes due this Sunday. I have to do my midpoint evaluation this week for internship which means I have to complete calls myself to students to do assignments. I am also leaving Thursday morning at 4:00am to go to the NEA-SP Connections Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. So, I have to figure out how I am going to accommodate all of that.

Well, time to get back to work. Hopefully everything works out.

Job interview

So, I applied to the Boys & Girls club yesterday for their middle school before school site coordinator and I have a preliminary job interview by phone tomorrow. This would only be like 8 hours a week actually working but it’s extra money. I’m hoping to find a good seasonal job for December as I don’t work in the office December 11-January 9.

Added a double major

So, I gave into my temptation. I have declared History as a second major. It will add one semester to my undergraduate career. 


I started debating it because with being in FLVS for my internship now I miss the physical interaction with the students. I really liked being in the classroom. So, I am going to push my second internship back to Fall 2014. I am going to try and get the same teacher for my second internship as I did for my first one.


I will have to take two semesters of Spanish (They don’t have the German classes that I want available). But I am excited to be graduating from the University of Central Florida with a double major in Social Science Education and History.

Long Day and it’s only 2:00pm

Woke up at 5:00am. Got ready, packed a lunch, and drove to campus to go to the gym at 6:00am. Spend 80 minutes there. Took a shower there (really small shower btw). Then went to work at 8:00am. Since being at work I’ve had to do lockouts, escorts for IT people, fill balloons, clean the desk, print stuff, and other office stuff. While doing all this I have been doing stuff for SNEA (student national education association) and SFEA (student florida education association) while also doing a unit plan project for a class. Then I’ve got to start reading my books to answer questions. I’ve got to take a quiz. I’ve got to do research on a space mission and write a paper about it.


So much to do so little time. But “Be the Change You want to See in the World” -Gandhi. This quote has kept me going and will keep me going for the rest of my life as it did his.