Creating lesson plans

I wrote this a while ago and never posted it.

So I have to prepare a lesson for tomorrow on the emergence of the Italian Renaissance. I have been reading the textbook, looking at the study guides and the primary source book along with searching online and I still don’t feel like I have enough content.

My teacher prep program honestly has not prepared me for being a teacher. Throughout college between my different classes there was never a uniform format for lesson plans but they had their own format. And now that I am in my final internship and about to graduate, they say “Make lesson plans on what you think should be in them.”

Seriously, please get your stuff together UCF College of Education. So many topics are repeated throughout the course and we do not need two separate classes for the development of children. The three introduction courses can be grouped together. The technology one should be spread throughout the degree and having each professor teach about different technologies you can use in your class.

I know that we have to do service learning hours in school for all of our classes, however, whenever we do them the teacher doesn’t let us do anything and/or our professors are having us do assignments which requires us to write down a lot of notes which doesn’t allow us to engage with the students. So, I would have rather Get set-up with a classroom in a school to go to 1-2 days out of the week each week for our whole college career. Then we are placed as an actual intern in that same classroom.