Added a double major

So, I gave into my temptation. I have declared History as a second major. It will add one semester to my undergraduate career. 


I started debating it because with being in FLVS for my internship now I miss the physical interaction with the students. I really liked being in the classroom. So, I am going to push my second internship back to Fall 2014. I am going to try and get the same teacher for my second internship as I did for my first one.


I will have to take two semesters of Spanish (They don’t have the German classes that I want available). But I am excited to be graduating from the University of Central Florida with a double major in Social Science Education and History.


School Shooting

School Shooting

Once again, someone without any morals goes and shoots up a school. Why do people feel the need to go to a school and shoot KIDS!! They haven’t done anything wrong to you. They are just there to learn. They are completely innocent children. How can you morally go there and shoot at them and try and kill them. I don’t practice religion but I hope you rot in hell.

Completely Appalled

Completely Appalled

I am completely appalled about what just the title of this says. How can you compare that? He has proven his birth certificate. His name may be Barack Hussein Obama, but that does not mean he is not American. There are millions of Americans that do not have traditional American names but they were born here. So they are American. That does not mean they are out to destroy our country.

Rand Paul saying that Obama is Scaring the American People with Default

Rand Paul saying that Obama is Scaring the American People with Default

Rand Paul is blaming Obama for scaring the American people over the possible default of the American economic system. He’s not trying to scare them. He is giving them straight-up what will happen if Congress does not begin to agree. I know what will happen. Interest rates will skyrocket, no one will be able to get auto, home, or student loans. The budget stuff that they are fighting over is just ridiculous. They took away hundreds of thousands of jobs from American people. There are no benefits for those families that are need food stamps because they are single parents barely making $30,000 a year. 

Please name blaming and just get shit done.

Government Shutdown Can End by Tonight!

Government Shutdown Can End by Tonight!

So, the US Government Shutdown could end tonight? Really, lets actually focus on what is right for the 2 million American’s who are out of a job right now. My own mother is one of those 2 million. Even though she said it is nice to be able to get some projects done and actually have time to workout during the day, however, they have bills to pay. She was already furloughed enough this fiscal year. 


But seriously Boehner. The House is willing to go to a vote and will pass a bill that will be passed by the Senate and could get the President’s signature tonight. How about we put you on furlough and have this shutdown affect your pay.