This week in History – January 29-February 8

January 26

1837 – Michigan admitted as 26th U.S. state

1861 – Louisiana becomes 6th state to secede

1863 – Massachusetts Governor receives permission from Secretary of War to raise a militia organization for men of African descent (54th Massachusetts Regiment)

1905 – World’s largest diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan, is found

1934 – Nazi Germany & Poland sign non-attack treaty for 10 years

1956 – 7th Winter Olympic games open in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

2006 – Western Union discontinues use of its telegram service.


January 27

1785 – University of Georgia is founded, the first public university in the United States

1888 – The National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, D.C.

1967 – the united States, United Kingdom and Soviet Union sign the Outer space Treaty in Washington, D.C., banning deployment of nuclear weapons in space, and limiting use of the Moon and other celestial bodies to peaceful purposes.


January 28


January 29

1595 – William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is presumed to have it’s first performance.

1613 – Galileo Observes Neptune but fails to recognize what he sees

1959 – Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” is released

1984 – Space Shuttle 41-B (STS-11) Challenger launched


January 30

1781 – Articles of Confederation ratified by the 13th state, Maryland

1835 – Richard Lawrence misfires at President Andrew Jackson in Washington DC in 1st attempted assassination of a US President

1862 – US Navy’s 1st ironclad warship (Monitor) launched

1933 – Adolf Hitler named German Chancellor, forms government with Von Papen

2003 – Belgium legally recognizes same-sex marriage


January 31

1865 – Gen Robert E. Lee named Commander-in-Chief of Confederate Armies

1990 – 1st McDonalds in Russia opens in Moscow, world’s biggest McDonalds


February 1

1327 – Edward III crowned King of England

1790 – US Supreme Court convenes for the first time

1793 – French Revolutionary Wars: France declares war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

1861 – Texas secedes from the U.S.

2003 – Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-107 disintegrates during reentry

2013 – The Shard, the tallest building in the European Union, is opened to the public.


House passes proposed GOP Obamacare changes

House passes proposed GOP Obamacare changes

It took me a few reads before I understood what it was saying. The language of the article is a bit confusing. Usually news providers write on a 7th grade level. A little odd. Anyways, 

So, the U.S. House of Representatives Republicans proposed a bill that would change the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Since the ACA rolled out starting back in October, less than 27,000 American’s have signed up for the new health care. Most aren’t doing it because they have their own benefits and don’t think that they need to do it. What they don’t realize is that insurance agencies must meet the requirements set by the federal government now. So, their insurance policies will not be applicable anymore. So a lot of people are actually losing their health insurance right now. This new bill is the House republicans idea to fixing the issue. 

The bill will allow current health insurance policies to be held through 2014 and would allow others to enroll in those current policies and NOT force them to enroll in Obamacare which they will eventually have to anyways. About 40 Democrats went to the Republican side of the bill and it passed the house which is Republican controlled. From talks in the Senate which is Democratic controlled it will be denied. Even if it is passed the President said he would veto it because it would give people a way out of enrolling into Obamacare. 

Each side keep blaming each other for not compromising. But honestly, I have never seen a President being so willing to sit down and compromise. Yes, he has his own ideas and will stick to his morals to do what is right for the country in his and his administrations views. However, the Speaker of the House will not even do anything that is not in his own personal views, won’t hear others points of views and won’t call a bill to vote when there is a majority in favor of it. 

Honestly, if they did not perfect the website to be able to handle the activity that it would have then they should have postponed the launch till 2014. That would have given them more time to perfect the technology as you cannot rely on technology 100%.

Completely Appalled

Completely Appalled

I am completely appalled about what just the title of this says. How can you compare that? He has proven his birth certificate. His name may be Barack Hussein Obama, but that does not mean he is not American. There are millions of Americans that do not have traditional American names but they were born here. So they are American. That does not mean they are out to destroy our country.

Rand Paul saying that Obama is Scaring the American People with Default

Rand Paul saying that Obama is Scaring the American People with Default

Rand Paul is blaming Obama for scaring the American people over the possible default of the American economic system. He’s not trying to scare them. He is giving them straight-up what will happen if Congress does not begin to agree. I know what will happen. Interest rates will skyrocket, no one will be able to get auto, home, or student loans. The budget stuff that they are fighting over is just ridiculous. They took away hundreds of thousands of jobs from American people. There are no benefits for those families that are need food stamps because they are single parents barely making $30,000 a year. 

Please name blaming and just get shit done.

Government Shutdown Can End by Tonight!

Government Shutdown Can End by Tonight!

So, the US Government Shutdown could end tonight? Really, lets actually focus on what is right for the 2 million American’s who are out of a job right now. My own mother is one of those 2 million. Even though she said it is nice to be able to get some projects done and actually have time to workout during the day, however, they have bills to pay. She was already furloughed enough this fiscal year. 


But seriously Boehner. The House is willing to go to a vote and will pass a bill that will be passed by the Senate and could get the President’s signature tonight. How about we put you on furlough and have this shutdown affect your pay.

Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

I know everyone has their own opinions on this and you are all entitled to them. So here is my opinion. I am going to give a sociological view and not a. Economical view.

I honestly think people are freakin out over it because it is change. It’s not something that has been done before and they are scared. There are a ton of companies out there that are ripping off their employees so they can make a pretty penny profit in their next quarter.

Anyways, it has shown promise so far and better results than most have thought it would. Honestly, society is just scared of the change it will bring to our country. And like anything new, you can’t see the results of it the minute it goes into effect just as everyone thought when Obama bailed out the auto industry. Well it’s been 5 years now and AMERICAN made car companies are showing huge profits this quarter and are finally coming back. Companies are able to bring manufacturing jobs to the US as it gets cheaper.

Obama has said that his plans are base on a 10 year plan. Not a 1 day plan or a 1 month or even 1 year. For the bail out 10 years is still 4 years away. For the ACA it’s still another 6-7 years out from accomplishing what it’s supposed to.

Calm down and just wait. Nothing is instantaneous as it is on the computer. This is the real world. We may live in a digital age but until we literally live in a digital world, like in Tron, nothing will be instantaneously fixed.

Post your thoughts, arguments and concerns.

President Bill Clinton on the ACA

Health insurance in America

It still surprises me how there are are so many people still uninsured in America. Why would you not wan to help someone who has had everything taken away from them.

There are families that move week to week and even day to day. We need to help these people better their lives. Who cares about cost. We need to help our citizens. We are all related in some way, shape or form. US Uninsured.