First Week of School

So this post I will talk about my first week of school and will update it each day.

Day 1 August 24, 2015

So, I woke up extremely nervous and left/arrived late to school which I didn’t like. But my air conditioning was still broken. I spent the first two periods in my hot classroom with my students and it became unbearable. I emailed our facilities AP and he was able to find me a temporary classroom. After school I came into my actual classroom and I opened my door and realized my windows were closed and my blinds were closed. I had left them open so that some fresh air could come in and the hot air could leave. But within 5 seconds I felt a cool breeze hit me and realized my air conditioning was working. It now stays at around 75 degrees with all the hot air and warm bodies there are around.

But overall day 1 was decent, in my temporary room I didn’t have technology which was for majority of the day. The new bell schedule from last year is that lunch is 25 minutes which was barely enough time for us teachers to eat and relax for lunch. Last year we sat in there for like 40 minutes. I hope they end up changing it a bit. I can already tell that a certain part of my day will get annoying but then I have a fresh breath of air after.

Day 2: August 25, 2015

Today went a bit better, I am being stern on my rules and they are not liking it. I was able to get the honor’s syllabus Monday after school and I got the regular syllabus today during planning. So I was able to go over the syllabus with majority of my students just not 1st and 2nd period which they will get tomorrow. One of my assignments I’ve already got to change because the website I was gonna have them analyze was changed since last week and it doesn’t work now. So I’ve got to find an alternative assignment for them to complete. We practiced with the Plickers today in class and it went alright, I think some will catch on eventually. But this way I know everyone can be involved in the process of assessment and I won’t single out the students that don’t have access to internet or don’t have a cell phone.

Tomorrow we are going over the student code of conduct for UHS throughout periods 1-4. I won’t have to do level 3 though (planning period). YAY!! But I’ve got to figure out what to do for 5-7. I might just find an activity for them to do. Maybe write a paper. They are honors students. Yeah, that’s what I will do. I’ll probably give the assignment to the regular classes to work on if we finish early and they can complete it for homework. The honor’s students can work on it during class.

Day 3 August 26, 2015

So today we went over in our classes the code of conduct. Each period went over the different levels progressively throughout the day. Then in 5th we went over internet policy and in 6th we went over bus/cell phone/etc. But in every class I taught a little about ancient Greece. I taught them about the art on the vases and the parties they would have with the dozens of vases that they had. Then I taught them about the education system in Greece including “homo eroticism” and the forms of it that there is. They seemed to get a kick out of it. After teaching about Greece’s education system I informed them a bit on Sparta’s system which some of them seemed to be dumbfounded about the process of which the Spartans had to go through. Tomorrow I am trying to see if I can take my students to the media center to get their textbooks.


My classroom

So I got my key to my classroom for the year. I’ll be teaching World History. I’m in a portable near the farm on campus but it’s a big room. The only downside to it today was that the air conditioning wasn’t working and it got up to 90°. 


So last week was pre-planning at OCPS schools. It went quite smoothly except for the fact that I had no air conditioning in my room. I had a fan behind me to help but by 1:00pm it was too hot to work in my classroom. The county knew about the problem for nearly two weeks before it was fixed. But Monday we had a really nice breakfast provided by the PTSA and then we had a small meeting after.

I was freaking out over pre-planning because I thought I was gonna be in a ton of meetings all week and get no time to work in my classroom and do lesson plans. But it was completely opposite. I had more time to work in my classroom than I did in meetings. It was really nice. I also was smart and picked up my textbooks early Monday morning before any other teacher, so I didn’t have to worry about that.