OCPS Orientation

So. My OCPS orientation is this Wednesday. It is just so surreal. I haven’t pay for fingerprinting again which is annoying as I just had to pay for it back in January for Kelly Services. 

But I am very excited about my orientation since it means that I am one step closer to start teaching. It is 1 month, 27 days and 7 hours till I will be in my first year pre-planning as a professional teacher. 

Also, my degree has been awarded. Which means I will be able to pick up my paper transcripts before my orientation and take it to the OCPS office to give them my official transcripts which then they can send intoned to the state to confirm my eligibility of teaching certification. Soooo excited. 

I’ve already started setting up my website and my Edmodo. I can’t wait to hear my assignments as confirmation of what they offered me back at the job fair. I will be very upset if I don’t get that assignment. I really want to be with my old students from last year. 

Speaking of my old students, their AP test scores come out in 15 days. I’m still nervous about them. I really want them to pass. Being with them 5 days a week for several months I grew close to them and some grew close to me. I love seeing them all every time I went back. I even went on the very last day of school to see them. Some asked “What are you doing here?” And I just responded “To see you guys.” Some just went awe. But a few responded back “no seriously why?” It made me laugh. I got a few hugs and one even asked me to sign their year book. I felt so honored as just being their intern for half of the year. I’m so excited to be able to see my students next year.