Ed Tech: Remind

So many teachers have heard of Remind or what used to be Remind 101. Well, I can tell you it for sure works with students in high school. I’m thinking for my new middle school position it will only be for parents. 

I will comunicate with parents assignments that are due. Progress made in class and days we have off from school. I will also send parents links to practice material for their student to build their reading and comprehension skills. 

I am going to test the waters as to what extent I can use it in a 6th grade classroom. 


In my high school classroom when I was teaching, I used it to send students extra credit opportunities. The extra credit typically would be a written paper on something of a current event or I even sent them the link to my Weird History Pinterest page. They all loved the weird historical events in the world. 


Ed tech: Vote Spotter

This Ed Tech is more for Social Studies teachers focusing on current government issues. The app Vote Spotter allows the user to enter in their zip code and the app automatically recognizes who your state and national representatives are.

The purpose of the app is to keep you informed about the current legislation going through your state congress and the national congress.

Within the app you can vote that you either agree or disagree with the representatives decision on a certain bill that they voted on.

You can use this in any social studies class but I highly recommend it for a US Government class in high school, a civics class in middle class or any political class in college and universities. You can use it as a constant teaching resource as new legislation comes around you can do a paper or a project with the legislation. You can have them write letters to that representative either urging them to keep on the fight for this bill or tell them to vote against it.

It is a great and easy way to get students to be involved in politics even starting at a young age. They need to understand the roll of politics and how it basically runs our daily lives today. They need to know that they can voice their opinion.

Apple v. Android

Apple v. Android

So, Apple introduced their TWO, yes two, new iPhone designs. The 5s and the 5c. The 16Gb 5c will be $99 with a contract. The specs on these new phones look amazing. 

I have had an iPhone for 1.5 years now and will be renewing next April. I am trying to decide if I want to switch back to an android or stay with the iPhone and get one of these new ones. By the time I get to renew the new phones will be even cheaper (hopefully). 

However, I have been looking at the Motorolla MotoX which is the first American Made Smartphone. I have been all about American made lately as it does stimulate our own economy and creates new jobs. So, I might go with that when it comes available for Sprint. 

I haven’t decided yet. What are all your thoughts?

Awesome app

My teacher told me about an app today to help grading. We all know the EZ Grader that all teachers use. Well now there is an app just like it. It’s called Easy Grader.