The things you hear in the classroom…

I am subbing today at my intern school in another teachers classroom with IB students. I am hearing some interesting things. 

At first I was hearing about a Spanish test that a lot of them were really worried about. Which is understandable since Spanish is difficult. 

Then there was one student that was talking about her father wanting to go to Georgia for his Fraternity reunion and she wants to go but if it is before her AP test in May then she won’t go. One of her friends in the class responded “you have an 8 hour car ride to study” and the girl responds “but you know me, I’ll get anxiety”. It is just so sad that they are getting so nervous for a test that they are worrying about anxiety. 

After that they started taking about a male student here and they went on for about 10 minutes of how “gorgeous” and perfect this student is. 

I honestly could barely hold back my laughter. I’ll post more things I hear from the other periods. 

UPDATE: it is now 6th period and a student was talking about this guy that came into class last week and the student said he “straight up looked like flat Stanley” and that he came into class, stood at the back, ran to the front and said “i need you to sign this” and ran out of the classroom hitting his head on the door and bolted down the hallway.