History of Ice Cream

I was watching Saving Mr. Banks the other day and the flashbacks were in the 1900s Australia. The little girl wanted Ice Cream and I immediately thought, “There was no ice cream in the 1900s.” Well, I immediately googled “history of ice cream” and was astonished about what I had found. 

Ice cream was first produced in 4th century BCE in Rome. Then a Chinese emperor would put together ice and milk to create ice cream. Which then it was brought to Europe which it was said to have been served to royal’s and their cabinets. 

I love learning about the products we have today and where they came from and when they started. 



12 Years a Slave

I’m watching 12 Years a Slave for the first time. I’d love to use this as a teaching tool in my classroom, but definitely will never be able to show it completely because of the language and extreme nudity. Could use clips of it though to teach about slavery in America during the 1800s. I really think they did an EXCELLENT job depicting what a slave went through during this time period. I highly recommend it to anyone. Just be careful if you are to watch this with children as there is a lot of nudity at the beginning of it.