Change in my life

So a lot has happened since the last time that I Posted. The reason why I haven’t posted in a long time is because I was terminated from OCPS with no cause. So I have spent the past 10 months working at Disney, working at Cracker Barrel and applying for teaching jobs. 

Well, I have finally been hired in Osceola County Public Schools to teach Reading/Language Arts. My job is contingent of me getting the Middle Grades English certification. My school says I have to get it by October but the district says end of April. I did all my paperwork, drug testing and fingerprinting done Thursday and Friday. And I had to get a TB skin test done which came back negative within hours. 

In my new PLC we will have same planning for collaborative lesson planning which is going to be amazing since I will be switching from Social Studies to English/Reading. 

I am going to have to take 5 ESOL courses and 3 Readingg Courses through the district to get my endorsements. I’m also gonna get their Gifted Endorsement. 

I’m gonna go through all this while I’m going to graduate school full time. I started my Educational Leadership masters program at UCF in May and should be graduating August 5, 2017. The spring semester is gonna be the toughest because I will be taking 4 classes two of which I have to be on campus for. 

I will be posting my recent ideas and anchor charts to share with you all for my 6th Grade English Language Arts and Reading classes. 


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