Government Shutdown Can End by Tonight!

Government Shutdown Can End by Tonight!

So, the US Government Shutdown could end tonight? Really, lets actually focus on what is right for the 2 million American’s who are out of a job right now. My own mother is one of those 2 million. Even though she said it is nice to be able to get some projects done and actually have time to workout during the day, however, they have bills to pay. She was already furloughed enough this fiscal year. 


But seriously Boehner. The House is willing to go to a vote and will pass a bill that will be passed by the Senate and could get the President’s signature tonight. How about we put you on furlough and have this shutdown affect your pay.



  1. Charles Boenisch · October 3, 2013

    The special interests that Obama has been given a pass needs to have the same deal as the general public. The Senate needs to be first to lead by example. According to the Constitution the congress can’t do for themselves that isn’t done for the American people. The King needs to put the Constitution first!

    • delaerea · October 3, 2013

      Honestly your grammar is horrible in this statement. Please correct it with punctuation and proper grammar.

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