So last week was pre-planning at OCPS schools. It went quite smoothly except for the fact that I had no air conditioning in my room. I had a fan behind me to help but by 1:00pm it was too hot to work in my classroom. The county knew about the problem for nearly two weeks before it was fixed. But Monday we had a really nice breakfast provided by the PTSA and then we had a small meeting after.

I was freaking out over pre-planning because I thought I was gonna be in a ton of meetings all week and get no time to work in my classroom and do lesson plans. But it was completely opposite. I had more time to work in my classroom than I did in meetings. It was really nice. I also was smart and picked up my textbooks early Monday morning before any other teacher, so I didn’t have to worry about that. 



Got my diploma 

  So I received my diploma in the mail on Friday. I can’t believe that I have a college degree already. It’s so surreal. In a month starts my first year of teaching. I can’t wait to see my students but idk what class I will be teaching yet. I just hope it is what I was offered. 


Seeing my classroom

So, I have signed up for my Great Beginnings Class with OCPS on August 3, 4 and 5. Then there is a new teachers thing at my school on August 14 which is when I will see my classroom for the first time. 

I can’t wait to start teaching already. I know a lot of people say your first year of teaching is your hardest but I am ecstatic about it and I think it will be easy. We’ll have to see about that later this year. 

If I am given the assignment that I was offered at my interview then I should be fine. Especially since it would be the same students that I taught during my senior internship. 

I can’t wait to start sponsoring organizations and everything. 

But my transcripts were received by the state and my application is labeled “complete” and the next thing is the statement of eligibility and then certification. 


The Confederate Flag

Many view the Confederate flag as a source of pride according to a poll taken and written about in the story linked above. However, people tend to forget the true original use of the flag. 

The flag was flown when the southern armies were going into battle. It was to symbolize them being individuals and them being rebels against the north. Over time it still held that meaning of “rebels”. But since the time of the civil war people saw the Civil War as a struggle over slavery. 

The Civil War was only about slavery by association with states rights. The U.S. congress and Abraham Lincoln were trying to limit the powers of the slave states and limit the amount of slave states that there were. Which is why there was the Missouri Compromise. 

Anyways, today the Confederate war flag is still used as a symbol of defiance. And some still relate it to slavery. 

I’ve found people that claim they are still suffering from slavery. Every time I hear about it, I just tell them “You do realize that that was 150 years ago right? Your great great grandparents weren’t even alive as slaves.”

Now I know this is a controversial subject and history is up for your own interpretations. But if you do comment please leave comments that are not judge mental and don’t come across as rude. Place facts with few opinions. 

OCPS Orientation

So. My OCPS orientation is this Wednesday. It is just so surreal. I haven’t pay for fingerprinting again which is annoying as I just had to pay for it back in January for Kelly Services. 

But I am very excited about my orientation since it means that I am one step closer to start teaching. It is 1 month, 27 days and 7 hours till I will be in my first year pre-planning as a professional teacher. 

Also, my degree has been awarded. Which means I will be able to pick up my paper transcripts before my orientation and take it to the OCPS office to give them my official transcripts which then they can send intoned to the state to confirm my eligibility of teaching certification. Soooo excited. 

I’ve already started setting up my website and my Edmodo. I can’t wait to hear my assignments as confirmation of what they offered me back at the job fair. I will be very upset if I don’t get that assignment. I really want to be with my old students from last year. 

Speaking of my old students, their AP test scores come out in 15 days. I’m still nervous about them. I really want them to pass. Being with them 5 days a week for several months I grew close to them and some grew close to me. I love seeing them all every time I went back. I even went on the very last day of school to see them. Some asked “What are you doing here?” And I just responded “To see you guys.” Some just went awe. But a few responded back “no seriously why?” It made me laugh. I got a few hugs and one even asked me to sign their year book. I felt so honored as just being their intern for half of the year. I’m so excited to be able to see my students next year. 

First Year Teaching: Classroom Set-up

So, for several years I have imagined what my classroom will look like. How I will organize everything. Well now that the time has come for me to have my own classroom I don’t know what to do. I have actually been stumped as to what to put in my classroom. I think it is because I am going to be teaching the International Baccalaureate students and their course structure is so different and the subject is History of the America’s which doesn’t just include the United States. It also includes Canada, Mexico, Central American countries and South American countries. I’ve looked up so many different things for the course outline but am still stumped.

But my question to my followers and anyone else that reads this, what have you seen in classrooms that work really well for organization?

I want things to be perfect within my first week of teaching.

New job

So I have been offered a contract with Orange County Public Schools at University High School as the IB teacher for History of the Americas and I may also be teaching a class of AP European History, but nothing is official until I have my assignment. 

So, I am looking to go to a summer institute through Colllege Board for the AP European History class. 

I have started a GoFundMe to help me get there since I won’t be on a teacher salary till August.
Please help me get there 

The things you hear in the classroom…

I am subbing today at my intern school in another teachers classroom with IB students. I am hearing some interesting things. 

At first I was hearing about a Spanish test that a lot of them were really worried about. Which is understandable since Spanish is difficult. 

Then there was one student that was talking about her father wanting to go to Georgia for his Fraternity reunion and she wants to go but if it is before her AP test in May then she won’t go. One of her friends in the class responded “you have an 8 hour car ride to study” and the girl responds “but you know me, I’ll get anxiety”. It is just so sad that they are getting so nervous for a test that they are worrying about anxiety. 

After that they started taking about a male student here and they went on for about 10 minutes of how “gorgeous” and perfect this student is. 

I honestly could barely hold back my laughter. I’ll post more things I hear from the other periods. 

UPDATE: it is now 6th period and a student was talking about this guy that came into class last week and the student said he “straight up looked like flat Stanley” and that he came into class, stood at the back, ran to the front and said “i need you to sign this” and ran out of the classroom hitting his head on the door and bolted down the hallway. 

US wind power

An article came out today on the U.S wind power production. As of right now the U.S. rate is only at 4.5% with there being plants in 39 states. The White House and the Obama administration announced today that because of new technological advances the U.S. production rate can be at 35% of the total US energy use. And it would supply 600,000 jobs which would range from 

engineers, construction workers, truck drivers, factory workers, utility operators, maintenance technicians, electricians and other supporting services, according to the administration

Some states will be a bit more difficult to put wind power in just due to space to be able to do it. If you look at the top ten states with wind power, Texas is leading which is most likely due to available area to put the plants. 

In some states I don’t know if it would be possible in some areas. Take floridafor example we are so close to sea level and some places are at sea level that they wouldn’t be able to put power lines below the ground which would save them a lot of money in the long run if power lines above ground are blown down from storms. Some states are so tiny and there just isn’t suitable space due to either land already developed or the land is too mountainous for them to build the turbines. 

Personally, I think they need to improve the efficiency of the Hoover dam and the Niagra Dam for hydro electric power. There are vast areas out west that they can put solar power plants as well. Maybe once solar power panels can be cheaper for regular consumers to buy then home owners will be able to put them on top of their homes. As of right now it is a lot of money to invest in. Yes it will save a lot in the long run but most families don’t have the money to dish out at once. 

Check out the USA Today article here

In the classroom

today I am in my old internship classroom. I’m not teaching today just because they are taking a mock AP test. There are two parts to it as it is 80 questions. But a lot of people don’t realize how difficult these tests are. Especially the ones for history courses like this AP European History Course that they pretty much start at the medieval times and go until modern times. They cover the Renaissance, the 100 years war, the different revolutions and unifications, WW1 and WW2. 

There was so much knowledge that these students need to know. Myself and my supervising teacher last year also had to instruct them on how to write an FRQ (Free Response Question) and a DBQ (Document Based Question) essay paper. 

During their AP test they have 55 minutes to do 80 multiple choice questions. They have to write 2 FRQ’s and a whole DBQ. They have a total of about 3 hours for everything. Including the 55 minutes for the multiple choice questions.