The Confederate Flag

Many view the Confederate flag as a source of pride according to a poll taken and written about in the story linked above. However, people tend to forget the true original use of the flag. 

The flag was flown when the southern armies were going into battle. It was to symbolize them being individuals and them being rebels against the north. Over time it still held that meaning of “rebels”. But since the time of the civil war people saw the Civil War as a struggle over slavery. 

The Civil War was only about slavery by association with states rights. The U.S. congress and Abraham Lincoln were trying to limit the powers of the slave states and limit the amount of slave states that there were. Which is why there was the Missouri Compromise. 

Anyways, today the Confederate war flag is still used as a symbol of defiance. And some still relate it to slavery. 

I’ve found people that claim they are still suffering from slavery. Every time I hear about it, I just tell them “You do realize that that was 150 years ago right? Your great great grandparents weren’t even alive as slaves.”

Now I know this is a controversial subject and history is up for your own interpretations. But if you do comment please leave comments that are not judge mental and don’t come across as rude. Place facts with few opinions. 


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