US wind power

An article came out today on the U.S wind power production. As of right now the U.S. rate is only at 4.5% with there being plants in 39 states. The White House and the Obama administration announced today that because of new technological advances the U.S. production rate can be at 35% of the total US energy use. And it would supply 600,000 jobs which would range from 

engineers, construction workers, truck drivers, factory workers, utility operators, maintenance technicians, electricians and other supporting services, according to the administration

Some states will be a bit more difficult to put wind power in just due to space to be able to do it. If you look at the top ten states with wind power, Texas is leading which is most likely due to available area to put the plants. 

In some states I don’t know if it would be possible in some areas. Take floridafor example we are so close to sea level and some places are at sea level that they wouldn’t be able to put power lines below the ground which would save them a lot of money in the long run if power lines above ground are blown down from storms. Some states are so tiny and there just isn’t suitable space due to either land already developed or the land is too mountainous for them to build the turbines. 

Personally, I think they need to improve the efficiency of the Hoover dam and the Niagra Dam for hydro electric power. There are vast areas out west that they can put solar power plants as well. Maybe once solar power panels can be cheaper for regular consumers to buy then home owners will be able to put them on top of their homes. As of right now it is a lot of money to invest in. Yes it will save a lot in the long run but most families don’t have the money to dish out at once. 

Check out the USA Today article here


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