In the classroom

today I am in my old internship classroom. I’m not teaching today just because they are taking a mock AP test. There are two parts to it as it is 80 questions. But a lot of people don’t realize how difficult these tests are. Especially the ones for history courses like this AP European History Course that they pretty much start at the medieval times and go until modern times. They cover the Renaissance, the 100 years war, the different revolutions and unifications, WW1 and WW2. 

There was so much knowledge that these students need to know. Myself and my supervising teacher last year also had to instruct them on how to write an FRQ (Free Response Question) and a DBQ (Document Based Question) essay paper. 

During their AP test they have 55 minutes to do 80 multiple choice questions. They have to write 2 FRQ’s and a whole DBQ. They have a total of about 3 hours for everything. Including the 55 minutes for the multiple choice questions. 

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