FTCE: Professional Educators Test

So, I just did my second attempt for the FTCE: Professional Educators Test. The FTCE is what Florida uses through Pearson to certify teachers. You take the General Education Test first and in order to get into the actual College of Education at UCF you must pass this test first. Before hand, you are just put as pending (i.e. Social Science Education Pending). Once you complete the entrance requirements you are moved into the actual degree (out of pending status).

As you go through your education courses you are to learn all the skills needed to be an effective teacher. For me I feel as though my classes didn’t teach me much. A lot of things to do with teaching is common sense. The court cases, Code of Ethics, different types of assessments, and how to create a more effective assessment is what we mainly learn along with the developmental stages of infants till adulthood.

So, back to the FTCE. The other two tests that you must take and pass are the Subject Area Exam and the Professional Educators Test. The PET is a more general sense of how to be an effective teacher, like the assessments, developmental theories, ethics, ESOL, ESE, etc.

The SAE is more specific to your major:

  • Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Science Education – Biology
  • Science Education – Chemistry
  • Science Education – Physics
  • Social Science Education
  • Music Education
  • Art Education
  • Exceptional Student Education
  • etc.

I have now passed my PET test after the second attempt and will be studying for my SAE for the next few weeks to pass that. My SAE is Social Science Education, which is considered one of the more difficult ones.


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