The end of week three

So it is already the end of week three of my internship. I love the class and the students. I’m learning the content as the students go through it. I was scared of not knowing the content but my teacher said that she didn’t know the content her first year teaching it and she was learning as she went.

I’ve taught one lesson, which is posted, and I will be teaching two lessons next week with activities which I will share after I complete the lesson plans. I’m excited to teach it as I have found some cool activities to do that will hopefully spark the interest in the students.

I had my first department meeting and my teacher called me out to introduce me to all the social studies teachers. Awkward much. But it was nice to be in company with good people in my own content area.

I will be teaching for two full weeks starting at the end of the month. I’m nervous for it because this content is my responsibility for them to learn for their AP exam in May.


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