Day two

I’m on my way to my second day of internship. I have a new teacher that I have no idea what she teaches. Will post later.

So I have been with my internship teacher for 3 days now. It is 6 periods of Pre-IB/AP European History course with 135 sophomores and 1 senior.

I haven’t really been doing anything in the class. I don’t know much of European history to really be any help. I’m learning as I go.

But I have started preparing the lessons for my unit on two chapters. But I will be teaching on Absolutism and Constitutionalism in east and west Europe. I have two weeks to teach them at the end of their 1st quarter in October. I am extremely nervous as this is a big section on their AP exams at the end of the year.

My teacher was nice enough to request a table for me to use in her classroom.

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