Connecticut Teacher Does Not Want Common Core; Weingarten Refuses to Validate the Sentiment

Everyone is obligated and allowed to have their own opinion. There are states that this will probably be better for than others. But honestly, you’re stuck in one grade level as the teacher. I just recently went through the NCLBA as a STUDENT. CCSS started my sophomore year of college as I am studying to be a teacher. But when I moved from New Mexico to Florida, the Florida curriculum was WAY ahead of mine from New Mexico. I was so far behind my classmates in certain subjects. With these new standards I feel like the students will be able to think more for themselves and have more life skills that parents aren’t teaching their children these days.

Also, the standards Florida had under NCLBA were so specific it didn’t leave teachers much leeway to what they can teach and how they can teach it in their classrooms. Now with the CCSS we have a more broad set of standards that we can manipulate to our own.

If I were you, stop complaining about something that you really have no control over. Embrace it and make it the best it can be for your students well-being. There are thousands of resources already out there for CCSS instruction. Use them to your advantage. Collaborate with co-workers and administrators on how to better instruction and make it fun for students. There are a ton of fun games that you can do with your students that are aligned with CCSS.


On January 17, 2014, veteran Connecticut teacher Elizabeth Natale wrote in the Courant about her disillusion with the pressures of corporate reform upon her West Hartford, middle-school classroom.

In her article, Natale makes it clear that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are part of that disillusion– not only the CCSS assessments– but CCSS itself:

When I started teaching, I learned that dealing with demanding college presidents and cantankerous newspaper editors was nothing. While those jobs allowed me time to drink tea and read the newspaper, teaching deprived me of an opportunity to use the restroom. And when I did, I was often the Pied Piper, followed by children intent on speaking with me through the bathroom door.

I loved it!

Unfortunately, government attempts to improve education are stripping the joy out of teaching and doing nothing to help children. The Common Core standards require teachers to march lockstep in…

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