Congressman “attacking” low income families

I understand where people are coming from when attacking his words. I agree with what he is saying but he said it in the wrong way. Honestly I never came from a low income family. However, I was able to work in the school cafeteria in  elementary school and got my lunch for free.

If for one taught me some customer service skills. It taught me how to clean properly. It gave me the moral standards to which I live by today. One thing that I do not agree with is just making lots income students partake in this. All students dogs be given the chance.

I remember when I would work in the cafeteria it was a month by month basis and would be a first come first serve toe of thing to sign up for. Not many signed up for it. I don’t know why but it taught me so much. I also got our of class early and got free lunch

Georgia congressman defends school lunch comments


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