School Cafeteria Workers

So, this week while talking to a cafeteria manager at a local middle school she informed me that her salary is based on the number of students who purchase lunch in their cafeteria.

I honestly had no idea that is how their salary works. It makes more sense now as to why they do not allow teachers and students to sell food in school. I think it is stupid that their salary is based this way. What if all students bring their own lunch, then their salaries will be cut down to $0 and there would be no need for them. But to some kids, the cafeteria workers become their friends. I know I got to know a lot of my school cafeteria workers by name and I would greet them every day at lunch.

These ladies at this middle school come in at 7:00am to prep for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast doesn’t even start till 9:00am. Teachers aren’t there till at least 8:00am. These ladies are the first to arrive to the school. They truly deserve our respect.

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