Teaching Profession

So, today while on Facebook on one of my groups there was a post about how liberals have given us a lot of “liberations” throughout history. How they stopped slavery, fought for womens right to vote, fought against Hitler, fought against segregation, the fought to end apartheid. How they put an end to child labor and gave us 5 day work weeks.

Well someone first commented “The only thing I would like us to do now is change that five day work week to a four day work week, 8 hours a day” my response, “So you want less money?” I don’t think they realized that if they just take one work day out and limit themselves to 8 hours a day then they will be losing money especially for those people that can claim overtime.

Another person commented “Not true! Fact Check ppl! The unions gave us the five-day work week and ended child labor.” I’m sorry but unions do not govern our country. My response was “the unions only bargain for it, the liberals in actual offices are the ones that supported and passed the laws.”

The comment that got me the most heated said “DAMMIT! I knew there would be a downside in there… 5 day workweeks are evil!” I just fumed over this one and wrote a really long response to them. I gave them the example of the life of a teacher my response was “Are you kidding me?? What job do you do? I’m going to be a teacher and I have thousands of friends and family in the teaching profession. They work at least 10 hours a day between before school preparation, after school clean up. They take their work home with them to grade papers. They do lesson plans on weekends. Yes they may have summer, winter break, and spring break “off” but they are doing professional development trainings, writing lesson plans, setting up their classroom for the next semester or year. Teachers are basically working 7 days a week around 60 hours a week but only getting paid for 40. They can’t do overtime. They can’t just not do it all because if they don’t then they will be fired.”

I’m sorry, but if someone is complaining about 5 day work weeks this much then they just need to find a better job because they obviously don’t love it enough. This is why I want to be a teacher, I honestly don’t care having to work extra hard for my profession and not get paid for it in money. I get my 40 hours a week but I also get the feeling of satisfaction when being able to help a child learn something new. That is payment enough for me. I know teachers are angry at how things are going right now. But it is change, if you have something to say about it, positive or negative, then go say it to the right people. Don’t just sit down at your computer and just vent on Facebook. Your elected officials are not going to listen/read to your Facebook posts. Send emails, make phone calls, go to meetings, organize people around the issue. We the people are the governing body of this country, if we don’t like something then change it.


Be the Change you Want to See!

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