Internship Thursday, September 12

So I never posted after my internship on Thursday. I was so busy with other school and work things I had no time.

Anyways, Thursday went great. I taught my full lesson on BC/AD/BCE/CE. My first time administering the lesson during first period it didn’t go as planned. I of course sped through the lesson as I talk really fast when I am nervous. After 1st period my teacher gave me some tips and I immediately put them into practice.

The part that I was missing was the building background knowledge before getting into the activities. So, starting in second period I had them reading out of their textbook. There were two pages that were really able to build the background knowledge and giving them the most important information needed to understand the concept.

My activity was simple, “place the pieces of papers with dates of historical significance in CHRONOLOGICAL order”. Luckily the majority of the students understood it. But to make sure they did, we had them create their own timelines with themselves and their date of birth.

My style of teaching is very hands on and not just reading from the textbook. I find that the easy way out. Yes I did have them read from the book, but it was just a small portion of like 3 small paragraphs between 2-3 pages.

But as the day went on I got better and better at it. My supervising teacher is supposed to evaluate me. She said I have all the basics down and that I did use common core practices. But I need to work on classroom management which she said “you won’t get that down in a day, a week, a month, not even a year”. Which I know is true. Classroom management when you have to learn the learning styles of 150 students and then differentiate between AP and Regular classes is one of the most difficult things to do as a teacher. She did say that I did very well differentiating my instruction between the AP and regular classes. She also stated that I used esol strategies for her multi-lingual students.

I am hoping to be posting some current events soon.

Thank you for following me!

One comment

  1. Elizabeth · September 26, 2013

    I have been teaching 7 years now. My classroom management system has been different every year. It has to work for you and your students. It’s crazy. Like you said you were doing, keep moving around the classroom.

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