Obama decisions on Syria

Obama week update

In my opinion, I think Obama has actually taken the correct and smart route of this whole debate over military intervention of the Syrian civil war.

He’s not just taking split second action even though he has the power to. He’s waiting for the UN to determine what should be done. He attended the G20 summit last week and all the countries seem to be looking at America and Obama for international leadership as they all usually do.

I honestly think that the countries around the world have learned a lot from mistakes and are being a lot more sensible with this whole thing.

I honestly believe that if our own countries borders are not in danger w shouldn’t get involved. The other countries should join together and take action. We need to stop being the mediator in everything.

And I do know that is all just a fantasy. I know we may be one of the youngest countries in the world we are still more powerful and more influential than most civilizations that have been around since ancient times like Egypt.

As stated in previous posts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you disagree with mine then so be it. It’s your opinion and I won’t shove mine down your throat and I expect the same respect.


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