Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

I know everyone has their own opinions on this and you are all entitled to them. So here is my opinion. I am going to give a sociological view and not a. Economical view.

I honestly think people are freakin out over it because it is change. It’s not something that has been done before and they are scared. There are a ton of companies out there that are ripping off their employees so they can make a pretty penny profit in their next quarter.

Anyways, it has shown promise so far and better results than most have thought it would. Honestly, society is just scared of the change it will bring to our country. And like anything new, you can’t see the results of it the minute it goes into effect just as everyone thought when Obama bailed out the auto industry. Well it’s been 5 years now and AMERICAN made car companies are showing huge profits this quarter and are finally coming back. Companies are able to bring manufacturing jobs to the US as it gets cheaper.

Obama has said that his plans are base on a 10 year plan. Not a 1 day plan or a 1 month or even 1 year. For the bail out 10 years is still 4 years away. For the ACA it’s still another 6-7 years out from accomplishing what it’s supposed to.

Calm down and just wait. Nothing is instantaneous as it is on the computer. This is the real world. We may live in a digital age but until we literally live in a digital world, like in Tron, nothing will be instantaneously fixed.

Post your thoughts, arguments and concerns.

President Bill Clinton on the ACA

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