Internship Day 4

Today’s internship day was…different…

The kids are now getting off schedule. So each class was in a different stage of information needed. The kids also were NOT listening to directions. These are 6th graders (10-12 years old). 

My supervising teacher would be giving instructions very intricately and slow so that the students could understand her. However, the students still asked a ton of questions. None of it was difficult to understand at all. 

But part of it I actually liked. Part of my personality is that I REALLY like when people ask questions. I do believe that there are no stupid questions (Well, as long as the answer is not RIGHT in front of you) which that happened quite often today. But the kids asking questions to mean means that they want to make sure they are doing things right and they just don’t try without knowing how and end up completely messing it up. 

I am writing several lessons this semester. I will be posting them on here as I finish them. I will also post my lessons from previous semesters.

I am very happy to see how many people are following me on here. Thank you!

If you have any tips, please let me know. 


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