Internship Day 3

So, today did not start off the best. I’m always there really early but my teacher was like “don’t get there till 9”. So I waited longer to leave which put me off my routine. As I left, I forgot my lunch then had to turn around. After leaving the apartment complex I realized I forgot my name tag. So I had to turn around for that too. I get to the school and I get out of my car and almost to the front office and I realize that I forgot to switch my sunglasses out. So I had to walk back to my car.¬†

Once I got into my classroom my teacher and I talked about what lesson I will be doing in her class for the section of “What is History?” We decided that I would do a lesson on understanding BC and AD for a timeline. That’s an easy lesson for me to create and i love creating time lines so I don’t mind presenting BC and AD to these kids.

I am so glad to be in this classroom. It is an awesome class with great students and a great/real teacher.


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